Scientific Programme-Main Conference - Day 2



SESSION 1: HAND (Moderator: Dr. Vineet Dabas)
Timing: 8:30 AM-10:15 AM
Chairperson: Dr Ajay Gupta, Dr. Hitesh Lal, Dr. Vivek

8:30-8:45 How not to miss Scaphoid Fractures? Dr Amitava Gupta
8:45-8:57 Peri-lunate injuries: Is it rare or commonly missed? Dr Anil Dhal
8:57-9:09 Skier’s Thumb: how not to over or under diagnose MCP joint injuries of the thumb Dr Gurpreet Dhaliwal
9:09-9:21 CMC joint dislocations: solving the puzzle. Dr P.P. Kotwal
9:21-9:33 Chronic Mallet finger injuries: What to do? Dr Tahir Ansari
9:33-9:45 PIP joint injuries: pick them early, save trouble. Dr Vikas Gupta
9:45-9:55 Fractures of the Proximal phalanx: Why does the finger get stiff? Dr Vineet Dabas
9:55-10:05 Management of dorsal hand injuries Dr Ajeesh
10:05-10:15 Application of static traction for treatment of proximal/middle phalangeal fractures of hand Dr Sandeep Shaina

SESSION 2: SHOULDER (Moderator: Dr. Amit Sharma)
Timing: 10:15 AM-12:00PM
Chairperson: Dr J. Maheshwari, Dr Vinod Kumar, Dr. Ramakant Agarwal, Dr Raju Eswaran, Dr H.L.nag.

10:15-10:25 A thought beyond frozen shoulder - Clinico-radiological examination for establishing Diagnosis in shoulder pain Dr Ashish Babhulkar
10:25-10:35 Review of Conservative management of rotator cuff what, when and how to do? Dr. Harpreet Singh
10:35-10:45 A simple Cuff Tear -Points not to be missed for a happy patient (Master Video) Dr. Shekhar Srivastava
10:45-10:55 Exploring Latissimus dorsi and various surgical tricks for managing massive/irreparable cuff? (Master video) Dr. Paolo Paladini
10:55-11:05 To kill or not to kill; Biceps in rotator cuff repair (Master video -Bio-SCR) Dr. Ram Chidambaram
11:05-11:15 Lower Trapezius transfer in Irreparable Cuff-Hype or Future (Master Video) Dr. Thalles Machado
11:15-11:25 Bankart with remplissage –are we on Track or off track? (Master Video) Dr. Deepak Joshi
11:25-11:35 Bony Bankart – can we preserve the coracoid? technique and indication of arthroscopic bony Bankart repair (master video) Dr. IPS Oberoi
11:35-11:45 Interventional Cooled Radio-frequency for the treatment of chronic shoulder pain. Dr. Naresh P Hanagodu
11:45-12:00 Panel discussion.

Timing: 12 PM-1 PM ( 8+2 each talk)
Moderator: Dr Kulbhushan/Dr Amit
Chairperson: Dr. Arun Goel, Dr Anil Jain, Dr. V. Bhasin

12:10 - 12:50 1. Donor site changes following simultaneous harvest of tibial and fibular graft in children. Dr. Anil Aggarwal
2. Complex Dislocation of DRUJ: Why we need to understand them. Dr. Vineet Dabas
3. Comparative evaluation and analysis of outcomes in non-idiopathic and idiopathic clubfeet with Ponseti method at a tertiary care centre of developing country. Dr. Sanjay Meena2+52+
4. Deformity correction with Ilizarov and Hexapod? Dr. Suresh Bhola
12:50-1PM United we stand-Motivational Talk Dr. S.K.S. Marya


LUNCH BREAK: 1:45 PM -2:30 PM

SESSION 4: PG TEACHING TUMOR (Moderator: Dr. Vivek Jangira)
Timing: 2:30 PM-4:15 PM
Chairperson: Dr Lalit Maini, Dr Vijay Jain, Dr Ish Dhami, Dr. S.S. Yadav

2:30-2:42 Clinical examination Swelling (Tumour) Dr. Venkatesan Sampath Kumar
2:42-2:54 Diagnostic workup, Radiology and non-invasive investigation Dr Pankaj Jain
2:54-3:06 Diagnostic workup Biopsy Dr S.K. Kapoor
3:06-3:18 Principles of management of benign tumour Dr Vivek Varma
3:18-3:30 Principles of management of malignant tumour Dr Akshay Tiwari
3:30-4:15 Case presentation Dr Zile Singh Kundu
Dr S.K. Kapoor
Dr Pankaj Jain
Dr Akshay Tiwari



Timings: 8:00 AM -10:30 AM (6+2 each talk)
Moderator: Dr. Shameem
Chairperson: Dr Mukesh Kalra, Dr Sumit Sural, Dr Hitesh Lal, Dr Aditya Nath Aggarwal, Dr. Rahul Khare

8:00 AM – 10:30 AM 1. Relationship of talar dome changes with ankle mobility in conservatively treated congenital talipes equinus foot. Dr. Ayanjit
2. Abduction angle of acetabular cup in patients operated by anterolateral & mini posterior approach of THA – a prospective study. Dr. Mohd. Danish
3. A prospective evaluation of early results of arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using peroneus longus tendon autograft. Dr. Nitin Kumar
4. To Study the Effect of Tibial Tunnel Widening in Hamstring Attachment Sparing ACL Reconstruction on Clinical Outcome. Dr. G. R. Harsha
5. To Compare Newly Proposed Hand Injury Severity Score (NPHISS) For Hand Injuries with Pre-Existing Hand Injury Severity Score (HISS) In Predicting Return to Work. Dr. Shashikant Prakash
6. A Comparative Study on Sagittal Plane Balancing of Femoral Stem In Hip Arthroplasty Using Two Techniques. Dr. Mainak Mandal
7. Comparison of Pedicle Screw Fixation by Transfascial Paraspinal Approach and Conventional Open Approach in Traumatic Dorsal and Lumbar Spine Fractures. Dr. Deepak Kumar Saini
8. Evaluation of Computer Aided Quadrilateral Plate Fracture Fixation for Acetabular Fracture Using Modified Stoppa Approach. Dr. Mohit Aggarwal
9. A Comparative Study for Evaluation of Outcomes of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with And Without Amniotic Membrane Wrap. Dr. Abhishek Roy
10. Early Outcome of Ilizarov External Fixator in Rigid, Neglected and Relapsed Clubfeet in Children Of 4 To 12 Yrs. Of Age. Dr. K. Arjun
11. Preoperative Prediction of Hamstring Tendon Autograft Size Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients Undergoing ACL Reconstruction Surgeries. Dr. Manish Attri
12. Evaluation of Patient Specific Pre-Contoured Plates for Proximal Femoral Osteotomy in Paediatric Hip Disorders. Dr. Durgesh
13. Comparative Study Between Single Row and Double Row Arthroscopic Repair of Large Rotator Cuff Tears. Dr. Tejaswi B.G
14. Volar Carpal Artery Based Vascularised Pedicled Bone Grafting for Non-Union Scaphoid Fracture – A Study in Indian Population. Dr. Puran Gurjar
15. No Difference in Early Functional and Radiological Outcomes Using Kinematic Versus Mechanical Alignment In TKA: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Dr. Rishi Madan
16. Comparative Study of Autologous Peroneus Longus Versus Hamstring Tendon in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction In Knee. Dr. Anurag Singh
17. Infected Non-Union of Long Bones: Comparing Treatment Modalities. Dr Sachin Kumar Sachdeva
18. Assessment of inter and intra observer variation of four quadrant Classification proximal tibia fractures. Dr. Sageer Ahmed
19. Radiological Outcomes of Arthroscopic All Inside Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using Autogenous Semitendinosus Graft with Small Length Bony Sockets. Dr. Shashank Verma

Timing: 10:30 AM -1 PM
Moderator: Dr. Vipul Vijay/Dr. Sumit Gupta
Chairperson: Dr R.K. Kanojia, Dr Arun Yadav, Dr. B.S. Murthy, Dr. Atul Sareen

10:30 AM – 1 PM 1. Does instrumented gait analysis help decision making for Cerebral palsy management? - Early experience. Dr. V. Sampath Kumar
2. Expanding indications of primary arthrodesis in selected individuals for managing complex hindfoot trauma during COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Ankit Khurana
3. Evaluation of anthropometric measurements of aspect ratio of knee in Indian population & its correlation with the current knee arthroplasty system. Dr. A Kashani
4. Evaluation of acetabular inclination and anteversion angle in normal and arthritic hips. Dr. K. Maggo
5. Surgical phocomelia or phoco‐reduction as a method of limb salvage for sarcomas of the upper limb: A suitable alternative to amputation. Dr. Love Kapoor
6. A case series of Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors treated by surgical excision at a tertiary care centre. Dr. Umesh Yadav
7. Observational gait analysis in children with cerebral palsy using the Edinburgh Visual Gait score (EVGS) and smartphone-based slow-motion video technology (SSVT): a pilot study. Dr. Suresh Chand
8. Autografts, Allografts and Bone Substitutes in Benign Lytic Bone Lesions: Comparative Study of Filling Defects and Healing In 90 Patients. Dr. Abhishek Garg
9. Evaluation of Mid-Term Results Of Arthrodesis Of The Knee Using Bone Cement, Intramedullary K-Nail, And Pre-Contoured Plates Following Wide Resection Of Malignant And Aggressive Tumors Around The Knee. Dr. Bismaya Sahoo
10. Coexistence of SLAP lesion/ glenoid retroversion and articular/bursal sided partial rotator cuff tear in athletic patients. Dr. Mohit Dua
11. Reimplantation of sterilised bone tumor for limb salvage surgery: Mid to long term follow up. Dr. Akriti Jain
12. Management of giant pelvic chondrosarcoma using virtual 3d planning. Dr. Abhay Meena
13. Is Masquelet technique a successful viable treatment in reconstructing large tumour bone gaps in adolescent and adult? Dr. Amit Sharma


LUNCH BREAK: 1:45 PM -2:30 PM

Timing: 2:30 PM – 4:15 PM
Moderator: Dr. Abhinav
Chairperson: Dr. S.K.S. Marya, Dr Atul Mishra, Dr Amite Pankaj, Dr Raju Vaishya. Dr Pradeep Bageja

2:30-2:45 Tips and tricks for primary TKR DR. V.K. Gautam
2:45-3:00 Correction sequence for a valgus knee DR. Rajeev Thukral
3:00-3:15 My transformation from PS to CR Knee Dr. C.S. Yadav
3:15-3:30 Constrained TKR – choosing levels of constraint, indications & principles Dr. Sudhir Garg
3:30-3:45 Evaluation of the painful TKR Dr. Anil Arora
3:45-4:00 Principles of reconstruction in revision TKR Dr. SKS. Marya
4:00-4:15 Managing metaphyseal bone defects in TKR- role of sleeves and cones Dr. Col. Barun Dutta

Move to Hall A for VALEDICTORY function starting from 4:15 PM



8:30 AM-4:15 PM Poster Presentation Delegates

Move to Hall A for VALEDICTORY function starting from 4:15 PM

Judge: Dr L.G. Krishna, Dr. Sumit Arora, Dr. Dhanjaya Sabat, Dr. Sanjay Meena

P1 A K Goyal A rare recurrent chondromyxoid fibroma of the proximal tibia in an adolescent female
P2 Abhishek Singh Parosteal lipoma of the proximal phalanx of hand – a rare case
P3 Mudit Nemani A rare case of pedunculated fibrolipoma in thigh: a case report
P4 Pratyush Kumar Music as a therapeutic intervention for management of pain in trauma patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
P5 Deepak Garg Modern era biological reconstruction alternatives to expandable megaprosthesis in pediatric sarcoma surgeries
P6 R. Ranjan Pseudoarthrosis of femur secondary to tuberculosis in a paediatric patient
P7 Kush Saini Evaluation of functional and radiological outcomes of distal Humerus fractures managed with jess fixator in skeletally mature individuals
P8 Purusharth Yagnik Comparison of vertical, oblique and posteromedial methods of harvesting hamstring graft in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery
P9 Shashank Deep Patient reported outcome measures (proms) following open reduction and internal fixation of Schatzker type 5 and 6 tibial plateau fractures
P10 Mudit Sharma Malunited lateral tibial plateau fracture managed by intra-articular osteotomy with help of 3d printing
P11 Kapil Patel Aggressive management of surface ABC: a case report
P12 Prajwal Gupta Neglected posterior fracture-dislocation of hip joint: total hip arthroplasty after planning on 3d-printed bone model
P13 Manish Kumar Atypical giant benign osteochondroma of shoulder: a case report
P14 Harshith Patel Study of comparison of oral and injectable vitamin d therapy in nutritional rickets
P15 Ravi Ranjan Inferior hip dislocation following low energy trauma: a rare case report
P16 Khushal Gupta Comparison of ganga hospital open injury severity score and mess score for prognostication in prediction of future amputation
P17 Tejaswi.B. G, Management of fibrous dysplasia of neck and proximal femur with pathological fracture neck of femur with Meyer’s repair-a case report
P18 Kunal Gautam Results of peroneus longus graft in pcl reconstruction
P19 Shashank Verma Double bundle ACL modified trilink technique
P20 Rajneesh Kumar Skeletally immature female child with unilateral lower limb multiple lytic lesion: metachondromatosis?
P21 Akshat Goel Trevor disease in a 15-yr. old male child: a case report and systematic review of literature
P22 Chirag Gupta Comparison of clinical and radiological assessment after manipulation both by kite’s method and Ponseti method in CTEV
P23 Karan Arora Outcome of endoscopic decompression of retrocalcaneal space in haglund’s deformity
P24 Neeraj Kumar Khare A rare case report of chronic morel-lavallee lesion
P25 Sandeep Rathod Assessment of patient reported outcome measures following pelvi- acetabular fractures in patient admitted to tertiary care hospital
P26 Jai Singh Rathor Huntington’s procedure as a limb salvage surgery in a chronic osteomyelitis child
P27 Rahul Kumar To find a better cost-effective screening tool to identify high risk individuals to screening for osteoporosis
P28 Subhashish Mandal Freeman sheldon syndrome with stiff knee gait: a case report
P29 Sandeep Sehrawat Unilateral traumatic testicular dislocation with fracture of spine and pelvis in an adult: case report and review of literature
P30 Suresh Chand Impact of covid-19 pandemic on clubfoot program at tertiary care institute
P31 Anil Kuldeep Proximal tibial complex physeal injury with proximal fibular fracture and cpn palsy - a rare injury pattern.
P32 Vikas Saxena Bilateral anterior shoulder dislocation following tramadol induced seizure
P33 Hrishikesh Patil Chondrosarcoma pelvis: beyond the horizon
P34 Ankesh Jain Correlation of serum vitamin d level with osteoarticular infection
P35 Abhishek Roy Cost effective customized articulated knee spacer for infected total knee replacement
P36 Dhyey Shambhubhai Dhamelia Femoral corrective osteotomy for malunited femur fracture managed with shish kabab/ modified sofield method in an adult individual
P37 Shubham Ahuja Evaluation of bone mineral density in cases of bone stress injury among sportspersons
P38 Pulkit Kalra Single stage non-conventional hanging hip procedure with conventional total hip arthroplasty following 32-years neglected posterior hip dislocation
P39 Ahir Vipul Kumar Dayanand Role of platelet rich plasma in management of early osteoarthritis knee
P40 Aakriti Jain Sarcomas of bone sarcomas around elbow: are they any different?
P41 Aakash Lakhtakia Should we lock the intramedullary nail in intertrochanteric fracture? A meta-analysis and systematic review
P42 Aayush Bhargava Duration of chemotherapy in potts’s spine
P43 Mohd Junaid Nagori Using WhatsApp as a quick-access personal logbook for maintaining clinical records and follow-up of orthopaedic patients
P44 Mohit Singh Case of acute onset postpartum paraplegia: spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma
P45 Rahul Sonkaria Evaluation of functional outcomes of unstable intertrochanteric fracture treated with proximal femoral nailing using modified Harris hip score(mhhs)
P46 Juvesh Kumar Giant cell tumour of bone in a 4-year-old child- a rare case report
P47 Pranshu Jain An unusual presentation of intraosseous pseudotumor of thumb masquerading as gorham's disease – a diagnostic challenge
P48 Ipanshu Malik Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva: a case report with radiologic findings
P49 Abhishek Garg Osteochondroma of lower dorsal spine in hereditary multiple exostosis causing spinal cord compression: a rare case with review of literature
P50 Ankur Upadhyay The recovery of length of great toe and deep medial crease in complex clubfeet
P51 Puran Gurjar Homemade wooden-elastic splints: an easy option for difficult fingers
P52 Karthik S J Is tranexamic acid safe and efficacious in hip surgeries?
P53 Sachin Kr Sachdeva Isolated lateral swivel dislocation of talonavicular joint: a rare case report
P54 Ananya Sharma Fixation of pediatric humeral lateral condyle fractures with 3 k- wires
P55 Abhay Vikram Management of femoral neck fracture with cc screw fixation and fibula strut graft in young adult
P56 Montu Jain To study the pattern, association and outcome of traumatic spine injury (tsi) patients.
P57 Aman Saini Minimally invasive technique for delayed union or nonunion #tibia: the use of percutaneous autologous bone marrow injection
P58 Lokesh Bandi Giant cell tumor of hand bones
P59 Ved Prakash Anchal A prospective analysis of functional outcome of distal femoral fractures fixation using locking compression plates
P60 Anmol Anand A rare triology- atraumatic bilateral nonunion femoral neck fracture
P61 Manmeet Malik Painful os peroneum syndrome presenting as lateral plantar foot pain: a case report
P62 Dnyaneshwar Prabhakar Ahire Observational study of clinical outcomes of early osteoarthritis knee treated by intra-articular injections of platelet rich plasma
P63 Mohd. Danish Factors associated with concealed blood loss in patients undergoing proximal femoral nailing – a prospective study
P64 Shubham Gupta To study the outcome of biodegradable gentamycin beads for the management of chronic orthopaedic infections
P65 Avinash Kumar Singh Concurrent sessile and pedunculated osteochondroma with median nerve compression
P66 Kunal Singla To study the correlation of spinopelvic mobility and total hip arthroplasty
P67 Nashit Ansari Differentials in an irritable infant – caffey’s disease – a case report
P68 Sharad Chaudhri Rare case of proximal fibular osteochondroma causing common peroneal nerve palsy
P69 Abhay Meena Customised 3d printed jig for type 1 resection in a case of giant secondary chondrosarcoma
P70 Himanshu Shekhar Clinical and radiological outcome following arthroscopic anteromedial portal anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in indian non-athletic population
P71 Ankit Khurana Proximal rotational metatarsal osteotomy for hallux valgus (promo): short-term prospective case with a novel technique and topic review
P72 J. Wadhwani Management of chronic quadriceps rupture with novel “chariot suture technique”
P73 Rajesh Yadav To study the need of antibiotic prophylaxis in elective clean soft tissue surgeries of short duration (less than half hour)
P74 Amit Kumar Jha Osteomyelitis of pubis with labial abscess: a rare presentation of a common disease
P75 Anmol Dua Role of zoledronic acid supplementation in reducing post-surgical recurrence of giant cell tumor of bone: a meta-analysis of comparative studies
P76 Sagar Bagwe Sandwich technique in chondroblastoma of neck and head of femur
P77 Shrish Mohan Pandey Image guided percutaneous transpedicular spinal biopsy
P78 Akashdeep Singh Bali Manubrium sternotomy : an approach for exposure till 4th thoracic vertebral body
P79 Shubham Singla Bilateral terrible triad injury of the elbow – a case report
P80 Amritesh Singh Neglected trans-scaphoid volar perilunate dislocation with post- operative complex regional pain syndrome: a case report
P81 Vikram Pedicle screw has become widely accepted as the ideal option to provide stable spinal fixation
P82 Ayush Gupta Post traumatic isolated lumbar plexus injury in a 2year old female: a case report
P83 Areeb Siddiqui Treatment outcomes of flexible intramedullary nailing in fracture shaft of clavicle
P84 Ankur Upadhyay Graphical comparison of pirani and dimeglio scores for infantile idiopathic clubfoot undergoing correction using ponseti technique
P85 Hrishikesh Patil Pigmented villonodular synovitis of metatarsals : a case report
P86 Deepak Garg Innovative method combining biological and non biological reconstruction for pelvic limb sarcoma surgeries
P87 Mayank Mohan Gupta Isolated anterior radial head dislocation delayed due to covid-19: a case report